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User Research

With Danielle Smith on 01 Sep 2015

IncrementalUX is a weekly audio podcast from New Haven, CT. Each week, an industry expert helps us learn a specific UX technique – focusing on implementation. Learn about the host or view all episodes.

This week's guest

Danielle Smith

Danielle Smith,

VP of Research , Sentier

Twitter / Website

Danielle is a Human Factors psychologist specializing in user research, market research, and user experience design. Her systems approach to research program development helps to ensure results are both human-centered and relevant to business problems.

Show Notes

User research is the corner stone of a successful product. It can be daunting to think of user research and user testing as they are rabbit holes. In this episode, Danielle Smith and I talk about:

  • Different techniques for user research
  • Product development for astronauts
  • How to tackle biases while testing
  • Difference between the different kinds of testing


  • Longitudinal study
  • Contextual evaluation
  • Standard usability scale
  • Cognitive walkthroughs
  • Guerilla testing
  • Eye tracking studies
  • A/B Testing
  • Throwaway protoypes
  • Wizard of Oz prototypes
  • Success on a task
  • Time on task


Your Host

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Vinay Raghu

User Experience Consultant

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Hey! I’m a user experience consultant passionately curious about all things UX. You can learn more about me here. This podcast is my attempt to learn from people who know more than me. Hour long episodes dive deep into specific topics with industry experts focusing on how can I implement this?