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Product storytelling

With Sarah Doody on 29 Sep 2015

IncrementalUX is a weekly audio podcast from New Haven, CT. Each week, an industry expert helps us learn a specific UX technique – focusing on implementation. Learn about the host or view all episodes.

This week's guest

Sarah Doody

Sarah Doody,

Independent consultant

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Sarah Doody is a NYC based user experience designer. She works with startups to help them launch their initial product and helps companies already in market optimize their user experiences. Sarah enjoys teaching about user experience, she co-developed and taught General Assembly’s first 12 week UX course. Sarah publishes a popular UX newsletter, The UX Notebook, sign up here.

Show Notes

Storytelling is often cited as a technique for engaging customers. In this episode Sarah Doody and I discuss how storytelling is an effective tool for product management. We also discuss:

  • Example of a storytelling session
  • How to use it effectively
  • How the story puts discussions around the user’s perspective
  • Quick and easy ways to collect user feedback
  • Low cost user research techniques
  • How to build a story around user needs
  • Using stories to present solutions

Your Host

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Vinay Raghu

User Experience Consultant

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Hey! I’m a user experience consultant passionately curious about all things UX. You can learn more about me here. This podcast is my attempt to learn from people who know more than me. Hour long episodes dive deep into specific topics with industry experts focusing on how can I implement this?