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Lean UX

With Melissa Perri on 22 Sep 2015

IncrementalUX is a weekly audio podcast from New Haven, CT. Each week, an industry expert helps us learn a specific UX technique – focusing on implementation. Learn about the host or view all episodes.

This week's guest

Melissa Perri

Melissa Perri,

Product development consultant , ProdUX Labs

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Melissa Perri is a product development and process consultant. An experienced Product Manager and UX Designer from the New York City, she is passionate about helping teams find the right processes to make better products. Her core expertise focuses eliminating bad product ideas early, prioritizing features, and finding a stable and innovative product development process. Melissa’s processes are unique for every company, and incorporates ideas from lean startup, agile, and lean methodologies.

Show Notes

How does one incorporate Lean UX principles into product development. Do products really benefit from this approach? What are some simple ways to look beyond the buzzword and practice actual Lean UX? In this episode, Melissa Perri and I talk about:

  • Customer segments
  • Defining KPIs and metrics
  • Running experiments and validating ideas
  • Conserving wasted effort
  • Funnels, tests
  • Killing features
  • Committing too early to a solution
  • Problem Roadmaps
  • Removing features
  • Defining KPIs
  • Vanity metrics
  • Click maps
  • Thinking fast and slow


Your Host

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Vinay Raghu

User Experience Consultant

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Hey! I’m a user experience consultant passionately curious about all things UX. You can learn more about me here. This podcast is my attempt to learn from people who know more than me. Hour long episodes dive deep into specific topics with industry experts focusing on how can I implement this?