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Building an MVP

With Stacey Messier on 06 Oct 2015

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This week's guest

Stacey Messier

Stacey Messier,

Creative strategist , iZotope, Inc.

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Stacey Messier is a mentoring, marketing, and entrepreneurial renaissance woman. She is a creative strategist at work, and an avid runner, designer, vocalist, and writer for play. She is currently the Creative Strategist for iZotope, where audio software products are developed to enable and inspire creativity. While managing a new brand landscape, Stacey pushes the team to go beyond their usual boundaries through lean practices, as well as process discovery and customer validation.

Show Notes

Let’s build an MVP. After talking to a lot of guests about lean UX, lean startup, agile methodologies and specific user experience techniques, we take the implementation route in this episode. Stacey Messier is a creative strategist at iZotope. She has led teams to combine and utilize various schools of teaching. In this episode, we walk through the building of an MVP step by step.

  • How to validate a startup idea?
  • How to quickly get to an MVP stage
  • Simple ways to perform customer interviews
  • What kind of questions to ask
  • How to validate an app idea with customers
  • Forming partnerships
  • Identifying channels of distribution
  • Performing user research
  • Paper prototyping
  • Honing the MVP through iterative design and feedback interviews
  • Identifying the MVP feature set
  • Product roadmaps and much more!

After this episode, Stacey also did an in-person workshop of this idea. We had multiple teams asking questions and roleplaying as potential customers of this app. It was a lot of learning through doing.

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Your Host

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Vinay Raghu

User Experience Consultant

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Hey! I’m a user experience consultant passionately curious about all things UX. You can learn more about me here. This podcast is my attempt to learn from people who know more than me. Hour long episodes dive deep into specific topics with industry experts focusing on how can I implement this?